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Rising Enterprises

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Welcome To Rising Enterprises

Caring for Everything and Everyone

At Rising, we make people feel special and truly cared for, by providing exceptional products and services. We hire talented people who love solving hard problems and give them opportunities to develop new skills and grow in new directions.

Established in 1996, from the most humble beginnings and with a mission to Serve and Grow People, we have expanded to providing many professional services such as consulting and legal advice, digital cognitive therapy, medical cannabis, and cleanroom laundry services.

Advanced Laundry Systems

The Advanced Laundry Systems division of the Company manages the premium laundry service, Phoenix Laundry and the State-of the Art “Phoenix CleanRoom” which represents a seismic leap in
laundry hygiene in the pharma, medical and food sectors.

Rising Technologies

The Technology Arm of the Company is based in Bahrain In the Middle East. Rising Technologies is working with partners who are doing cutting-edge research to make the world a better place. We also support research and advise governments on regulation of Medical Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation.

Advisory Services

The consulting arm of Rising Enterprises provides services in Litigation, Law,  Training, Real Estate Consulting, Management and Financial Consulting.

What We Do And Why We Do It

Premium Garment Care

The Advanced Laundry Systems division of the Company strives towards creating a seismic leap in laundry hygiene in the pharma, medical and food sector

Leadership Coaching and Management Consultancy

We provide leadership coaching to Senior Executives and business coaching on our Management System we call the Rising Way! ©

Rising Technologies

We do cutting edge research and advise governments on regulation and cultivation of Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis 

Medical Cannabis & Retreats

We are developing our own Medical Cannabis range and retreats focused on Ayurvedic Cannabis  

READON.AI is a digital cognitive therapy for neurodiverse people, helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning disabilities like Dyslexia.

Real Estate

For sales, leasing, or management, a trained and experienced professional can offer advice and connect you with resources that help you achieve your goals

Our Amazing Partners

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