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Advanced Laundry Systems


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Advanced Laundry Systems

Service Name

The Advanced Laundry Systems division of the Company manages the premium laundry service, Phoenix Laundry and the State-of the Art “Phoenix CleanRoom” which represents a seismic leap in laundry hygiene in the pharma, medical and food sectors.

​​​​Powered by NEW GEN, an Industry Titan which operates world class laundry facilities around the globe, we bring the best in class premium laundry services to India. Our passion for premium garment care is reflected in the dedication to our craft that we put in each single day.

Phoenix Laundry is equipped with the most advanced tools and technology to ensure a final result that delivers the quality we promise.

Customers can visit any of our laundry units and see their valued garments undergo a complete and comprehensive fabric care process.

Using state of the art processes from NEW GEN and the latest Hydrocarbon Equipment we ensure valued garments and exclusive designer wear undergo the BEST care.

Rising Technologies

The Technology Arm of the Company is based in Bahrain In the Middle East. Rising Technologies is working with partners who are doing cutting-edge research to make the world a better place. We also support research and advise governments on the regulation of Medical Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation.

Rising Technologies is the Regional Partner of a leading AI-powered Cognitive Therapy Platform from Canada for people with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Learning Difficulties. is a Simple, Affordable and Scalable brain health platform  that is used by Therapy Centers, Special Education Schools, Private Therapists, Cognitive Remediation therapists, speech therapists, Doctors, Special Education Teachers, and Schools and adults who are recommended for cognitive therapy.

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Advisory Services

The consulting arm of Rising Enterprises provides services in Training, Real Estate Consulting, Management Consulting and Financial Advisory.

At Rising Enterprises, we work with a network of highly experienced people who not only share their industry expertise but are driven by an insatiable need to solving problems and helping people succeed.


We greatly appreciate and value our growing network of support, without which we would never be able to help our valued Customers.

Contact us  to get new perspective on dealing with your challenges. 

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