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Exceptional Products and Services

About Us 

Our being is Service and Growth. Our culture is at the heart of our success and it’s our People, whose values create the Secret Sauce of Rising, something that unites us all, the Rising Way!!

We share a real passion for winning and put Caring for Everything and Everyone at the center of
everything we do.

The Journey So Far

A Tech Entrepreneur living in Bahrain, with my roots in India. All Grateful, Always Learning. That's me Zulfikar Dhanse.  

Our company is the regional partner of the AI-powered Cognitive Therapy Platform from Canada, which is designed to help people with Dyslexia, Autism ADHD and learning difficulties.


We are helping therapists, students in Schools and Universities, doctors, professional carers, Corporates EAP etc; just about anyone with challenges in learning and reading.

We also own and operate the professional dry cleaner, Phoenix Laundry and which is a chain of premium dry-cleaners serving retail customers as well as corporates like L&T, LODHA, RELIANCE in India.


We are also proud to be one of the first companies in the region to be operating on the EOS management system.


We are working on projects in the domains of IOT,  vertical farming, hemp, Islamic finance, music and the arts along with some of the most brilliant minds. 

I am grateful that I get to work along with a great team and some really talented people across diverse backgrounds and cultures.


We are actively searching for Partners in GCC and beyond where our expertise can build lasting stakeholder value.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn to know more. See you there!! Till then...keep growing..keep inspiring!! 

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is Personal Growth, day in and day out - Rising Everyday !! No matter what we do, there must be a steady marginal development every day in every aspect of Life.
With a management philosophy we like to call the Rising Way, our Business begins with our Core Values and Work Ethic. Everything else follows suit.

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